Gunn Large Wash

Gunn Large Wash


by Lightworks


Professional LED fixed downlight with dual reflector system to provide smooth glare-free output. Available in 15W, 21W and 35W versions. Multi-chip technology means constant colour temperature. Assembled in Australia from corrosion resistant componentry. Easily customised.

General Illumination
Trim Colours    
White, Black, Custom Colours
Reflector Finishes    
White, Black, Dark Satin, Rose, Champagne, Gold, Ice Blue
Anodised aluminium reflector and heatsink. 
304 stainless steel fascia
Input Power
240V 350mA (15W) driver c/w flex and plug
240V 500mA (21W) driver c/w flex and plug
240V 900mA (35W) driver c/w flex and plug
Power Consumption        
15W, 21W and 35W
Colour Temperature Available
2700K, 3000K, 4000K
Lumen Output
(15W) 2700K - 900 lm
(15W) 3000K - 1000 lm
(15W) 4000K - 1100 lm
(21W) 2700K - 1200 lm
(21W) 3000K - 1363 lm
(21W) 4000K - 1500 lm
(35W) 2700K - 2250 lm
(35W) 3000K - 2500 lm
(35W) 4000K - 2750 lm
Lumen Maintenance        
70% at 50 000 hrs
Leading/Trailing Edge (Standard) 
Dali Dim
1-10V DC Control
Cut Out                
145 mm


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