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Alphabet Focus


by Wila

Product Description
The centrepiece of the new photometric system is the variable focusing unit. Comparable a camera lens, the unit can be infinitely varied so as to achieve various beam angles, even retroactively. In this way illumination of objects and surfaces can be designed individually and with maximum precision. 
Mounting System
Good Design improves both the visual environment and the functional use. The new f3 mounting system permits unobtrusive ceiling integration with as little as 2 mm surface mounting height while reflector and mounting ring are flush.
Safety and Diffusing Screen IP44
Flexible reflector height adjustment ensures that safety or diffusing screens are flush with the lower edge of the f3 mounting system. This means that the application spectrum extends as far as areas where IP44 from below is required.Alterations can be easily carried out later on if the room is put to a different use.
Temperature Management
Performance and service life of LED luminaires depend largely on temperature management. The distinctive shape of the new heatsink is an expression of optimum heat dissipation by maximizing the surface area. Use of materials was reduced to a minimum by using a thermal simulation programme and borrowing the honeycomb structure found in nature.

Lamp Wattage
36 W
Colour Rendering Index
Colour Temperature
3000 K
Half-peak divergence
24° - 40°
Luminaire Luminous Flux
1100 Llm - 1810 Llm
System Efficiency
43 Llm/W
Energy Efficiency Class
Number Luminaires LZ
0.11 - 0.07


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