Christmas Delivery


The Holiday Season is fast approaching! It's time to get organised. Contact ALMA for pre-Christmas delivery ASAP. Our delivery terms are 4 to 6 weeks once the order has been processed on all of our standard products.

Check out our selected range below. Don't miss out. Make an order today >

Lightworks - Australian-Made architectural lights. Featured: Acorn (header), Firefly (left), Detroit Bowler (right). Check out our project at Westfield Northlakes >

TAL - Belgian architectural lights. Featured: Habana (header), Boa (left), Microscoop (right).

Flexalight - Architectural downlights. Featured: Zerino (header), Jena 6 (left), Bull Precision 10 (right).

B-Light - Architectural lighting. Featured:  Button Do (left), Maia (right).

Aldabra - Made in Italy, Swiss precision. External lighting and resinated extrusions. Featured: Path (header), EK3 (left), Rigel (right).

TEC-MAR - Engineering lighting products.Featured: Spider (left), Diana (right).

Digilin - LED drivers and luminaires. Featured: LED strips (header) Taipan (left), LED drivers (right).


Check out this month's feature product - PUCK by Wila. Flexible lighting solutions for handrails and more! Click on images for more information and data sheets.

Have you seen ALMA's latest product? JAN CURVE - ALMA's signature series of Curve LED profiles. Click on images for data sheet and example. Contact the ALMA team for further information.

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